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Childrens Books  To keep children interested in a subject , eBooks for children will require interactive elements. Adding sound tracks, sometimes with animation is always a good choice for keeping children focused. Games and quizzes will help children to learn and remember small things. All these will involve heavy programming to achieve the goal. Graphicraft will be able to help through our library of content archives. 


We have partnered with Aquafadas to provide services in this area, at the same time preparing to produce Apps for the Elearning, Corporate and Finance industries.

We also offer Apps for people wanting to promote their business through mobile devices, taking orders and offering online tracking through mobile to keep up with the rest in their industries.

We have already applied our skills and knowledge in traditional typesetting and printing to produce digital publications for different publishing platforms, whether it is for iOS or Android.  Our ePub books are compatible with Amazon Kindle and some private readers from different publishers. 

Using the latest tools from Aquafadas, we are proud to become an authorized Aquafadas production partner, to supply our production service from design spec to finishied product.  Our team is extremely knowledgeable on all their latest tools, and familiar with the latest Aquafadas developments for the Education, Corporate and Financial market sectors.

As the Aquafadas appointed training partner for Hong Kong and China, our dedicated team of designers and instructors are ready to assist with any of your production problems.

Website development is also one of our skills. We can provide technical expertise to help design and build sites for online e-commerce, and product marketing.  Design and development of banner ads, meeting the approval standards from various agencies is part of our deliverables with any projects.


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Example of ePub books set for Kogan page sold online at Amazon
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