Things you are probably not aware of about Aquafadas in China

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The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System makes it easy to design apps, publish e-books and create digital magazines for mobile devices and the web. You can create an artistic app single handed all by yourself.

News about Aquafadas in China.

Aquafadas has quietly invested a lot in China, building the infra-structure to meet the future requirement in this potential market. Some of that initial investment went into Training, partnering with local education body to provide needed training on design as well as how to fully utilise the toolset from Aquafadas.

A server was set up middle of 2015, allowing developers and customers full access without having to face a slow internet line because file size becomes huge.  last year has seen a big jump on designers and developers coming onboard working on Aquafadas tools, as a result we also see interesting work coming out of them, and beginning to see corporpates moving over with us in numbers now.  

Here is a glimpse on what China had achieved in 2015.

Training in China

Work with Forbidden City

Here are some additonal information about Aquafadas in other area of interest.

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