App of the Month: Couleurs Jazz

When writing about jazz music, the printed word can only go so far. This vibrant subject needs a more dynamic medium. The only format that can do it justice is digital.

So when the team at Couleurs Jazz got together to create their wildly popular magazine, they rightly chose to make it entirely digital. The finished product, made exclusively for iPad, is stunningly designed and beautifully immersive. We’re proud to present Couleurs Jazz as December’s App of the Month.

Inside, readers find a fascinating and in-depth look at the world of jazz. Quality articles and professional photography lead readers through past and present trends, takes them behind the scenes at events, and introduces them to the music greats and new faces.

The app embraces the power of digital to bring the words to life. Jazz music play in the background, extracts from songs are found sprinkled throughout, and readers are treated to exclusive videos of concerts and interviews. Beyond the interactive elements, the smooth and instinctive response of the navigation provides a seamless user experience.

You can download Couleurs Jazz on iOS.