WeShow Case Study: Enhancing the Museum Experience with Mobile

The National Museum of China in Beijing doesn’t have a problem with visitor numbers. In fact, in 2013 it ranked third in the world for attendance. With one of the world’s largest collections of ancient and modern Chinese artifacts, it’s no surprise the museum pulls in the crowds. But museum director, Lu Zhangshen, felt they could still do more to engage their 7.43 million yearly visitors.

For this reason, the museum turned to Aquafadas partner, iPub360, and Aquafadas technology to provide their visitors with an immersive and interactive museum experience.

The result was WeShow, an iOS app that gives museum-goers further access to exhibit information. The app uses OR codes and iBeacon technology to receive signals from the physical world and deliver content based on the user’s location in the museum.

“To achieve the desired level of interactivity and provide museum-goers with engaging content, we needed an app development tool with the power to create truly interactive enrichments,” shares Joe Lee of iPub360.

They used the Aquafadas plugin for InDesign to create the WeShow app.
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“Aquafadas provided us with the powerful technology we needed,” Lee continues. “We were able to add audio, video, drag and drop and 360° visuals to really made the exhibitions come alive.”

It’s early days for the WeShow app but signs point to success, prompting Lee to turn his thoughts to the future of mobile museum experiences.

“The Chinese public are a very mobile public. We’ve seen quick adoption of WeShow and received positive reviews,” reports Lee. “We’ve already spoken with other museums about future mobile projects. Many Chinese museums are interested in 3D, VR and AR technology. We hope to provide this in the near future.”

The WeShow app is available in simplified Chinese and English. You can download it here.

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