Compose is successfully integratied QuickFit with Pressero Web-to-Print Platform

Compose QuickFit is a unique solution to gang multiple jobs onto a designated plate size automatically, taking care of different print runs and job sizes.

January 18, 2016. Hong Kong. Compose QuickFit is a unique solution to gang multiple jobs onto a designated plate size automatically, taking care of different print run and job size. This will not only bring efficiency and productivity, but also profitability to the user. This approach fits nicely into most of the modern printing company today; choosing different online protocol customer can set up jobs coming from the Web2Print site, or MIS front end into QuickFit. Taking away the tedious job input process with improved efficiency.Qucikgangingresult

Integrating with Pressero seamlessly

In this case Pressero will act as a job input controller, as order comes in through the internet, like name card, pamphlets and labels, it will be sent to QuickFit through its own data folder, with the detail of the jobs, such as order number, paper type, quantity, and pdf of the artwork. Periodically Quickfit will scan through its folder to determine if there are enough jobs to make up a plate. It will work on it once it got enough jobs, and automatically compile the best optimized layout by ganging the job list. It will also generate a series of job reports for Pressero to update its database and finishing.


Quickfit features

  •    Imposition of jobs can be mixed in sizes and print count
  •    Easy to switch between sheetwise, work and turn, and work and tumble
  •    Align automatically for easy guillotine
  •    Option to select different paper size at ease
  •    Option to select which layout to print
  •    Option to exchange job position to avoid over inking
  •    Color bar and different type of Marks are supported
  •    Ganging can be extended into multiple layouts automatically
  •    Easy to set up different query condition for job selection
  •    Job Submission from your Desktop
  •    Quick Job Submission to simplify job import
  •    Option to submit Job via MIS or Web2Print System
  •    Modular design adapting to the way you work
  •    Monitor and Track Job Status
  •    Solution Checker
  •    Management report.

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